November 14, 2010


YouTube: Home To Beheading/Recycled Beheading Videos

Nearly seventeen hours after the above post, numerous flagging's, the video remains.

I am quickly coming to the conclusion we are nothing more than pawns in Google/YouTube's plans. With groups like SDC/QTR/Jawa working to take down terrorist videos it gives Google the ability to say - The good folks are working SO HARD, bless them, we REALLY appreciate their help, but there are just too many, too many!

I have read ad nauseam the articles reporting  and/or praising Google/YouTube for removing Al-Awlaki videos in the last few weeks.
What an absolute joke.
More pawns. They are just more pawns.

How it works - Operation YouTube Smackdown et al periodically gets them news coverage. Then some government sub-committee decides, yet again, to review the goings on at Google/YouTube. More news coverage. Then Google/YouTube make a little noise about complying, which gets more news coverage, and they go right on with doing what they are doing and the publicity and money just flows in. One neat little never ending cycle.

Well, it is time to let Google/YouTube be responsible themselves for the terrorist videos they promote. Perhaps the new "tool" they have added for flagging videos - "Promotes Terrorism" - will gain them more articles about just how hard they are trying. Meantime, it hasn't done a damn bit of good for removing the beheading video despite published claims by YouTube - "We review all videos brought to our attention through community flagging seven days a week, and routinely remove content that violates our policies, usually in under an hour." Update - the beheading video is now gone and it only took YouTube 20 hours! W.O.W.

Last. Someone please explain how it is G/YouTube can take down porn but not jihad videos. They have to be using word recognition software of some sort for porno but the genius' can't do the same with terrorist videos?

Follow the money folks, all the way to Bermuda and who knows where else!
This is bullshit and I for one no longer choose to be a pawn in their grand scheme of things.

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