December 30, 2010


The Global Islamic Media Front, aka the propaganda arm of al Qaeda, has a new YouTube video.


"And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery) to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not know but whom Allah does know."

I guess that's us filthy kafirs.

"Amongst the things we aim to detail in these editions are: (1) step by step guidance of purification of common commercial chemicals - which are available in the markets and (2) the detailed practical observations/notes in the preparation of these explosives."

Great.  Just great.

"This book is aimed for brothers who have a sufficient understanding of the risks in this - both the actual sensitive task of making explosives and security risks."

Well, I'm glad the male chauvinist PIGS writing this book think women are too stoopid to follow the new Dick and Jane series of radical islam.  Who knows, the next just might be for sisters and they, and we, are sure to find out thanks to G/YT.

December 21, 2010


The nasheed princezz/ss continues to grow her webpage.

There are 5,190 jihad nasheeds at Google/YouTube
(nasheed = in kafir lingo it means fighting song)

Un: dhimmi - GoogleYouTube Hall of Shame Week 3
YouTube Hall of Shame
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10
Show me the $$$$$

December 20, 2010

Is YouTube More Dangerous to America Than Wikileaks?

GOOD question by Paul CooperDavid Horowitz's NewsRealBlog

No need for comment from this crowd.

Also GOOD was the reinstatement of Palwatch today after what I'm sure seemed to Google/YouTube like the day from hell as bloggers (folks like YOU) across the globe asked YouTube WTF they were doing!

Enough said. 

December 19, 2010


Moral Inversion Alert: YouTube Shuts Down Palestinian Media Watch Account

UPDATE: In a surreal move, Google/YouTube have now given the reasons for PMW’s account termination as ‘hate speech’. Are these people INSANE? PMW rebroadcasts the hate speech from the PA and Hamas! What they are doing is most definitely ANTI-hate speech. What an astounding example of stupidity, wilful ignorance and moral cowardice.

More here @ JAWA - JihadTube Strikes Again: Pali Media Watch Gone 

Folks - it's time, it is way past time to take on the belly fire of Shadowman who posted a comment at JAWA -

"Right, this has spurred me into action.
I have just written a scathing (but polite) email to YouTube, asking that the reinstate the PMW channel.
It is ***UTTER HYPOCRISY*** that they can continue to host **tens of thouisands** of jihadi videos, and yet PMW's exposing of brainwashing and hatred gets "pulled" by them. WAKE THE FUCK UP, YOUTUBE....."

OK - here are some tools.  With enough of us in the face of Google/YouTube we just might help get Palwatch reinstated! PLEASE keep up the pressure until this account comes back on line!

Google/YouTube Facebook page

Twitter pages - I think all of these look like good prospects to @
And in particular @hunterwalk

December 16, 2010

New al libi vid calling for killing the kufar found where?

Being concerned with the jihad on YouTube, I naturally perked up when I saw the headline to a piece by THOMAS JOSCELYN at the Long War Journal released just today . The title was Analysis: 'Lady al Qaeda' in propaganda.

I became even more interested when I read the opening paragraph: (emph mine)

Top al Qaeda ideologue Abu Yahya al Libi has released a new propaganda tape, entitled "Aafia Siddiqui...Captivity and Oppression, So Where Are the Heroes?" Al Libi calls on Muslims to wage jihad to avenge Aafia Siddiqui, who was sentenced in September to 86 years in prison for attempting to shoot American officials in Afghanistan. Continue reading Analysis: 'Lady al Qaeda' in propaganda.
So, of course you know what I went out and did right?  Yup, I went and tried to find it on Youtube.

A scant 11 hours ago, a video was uploaded by a YouTube user named WorldWideJihad called "Aafia Siddiqui...Captured and Subjugated...(URDU) - Shaykh Abu Yahya al Libi 1 of 2"

Now, I know the titles are different, and I don't speak urdu; but if I were a betting man, I'd say they were the same video, wouldn't you?

Image borrowed from The Jawa Report
(click the image to view The Jawa Reports jihad on YouTube archive)

To JihadPrincessChannel's Channel @ GOOGLE/YOUTUBE

UP YOURS and your (not so) hidden videos dahlin!
Compliments of FlippinGraphics©

December 15, 2010


December 3rd there was the question (possibility) that the taliban were (would be) going elsewhere for their self-promoting jihad videos since Google/YouTube was getting out of the terrorist-video-promoting business. There had been no credible evidence to that claim based on what we saw on a daily basis on YouTube, and so we documented the number of videos in three categories, showing just how many actually were available that date.

We thought it would be interesting to check on Google/YouTube's progress in preventing those uploads - the results are below. I surely do hope they have stopped all the chest beating. We find it completely nauseating.

Taliban - videos available 12/3 - 117,000
12/15 * 119,000

Mujahideen - videos available 12/3 - 11,400
12/15 * 11,600

Awlaki - videos available 12/3 - 5,690 
12/15 * 5840

December 14, 2010


Here we have YouTube Community Guidelines of what will get you banned.  Maybe permanently. Well, not realllllly, but it sounds good don't it? 
"Things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation....inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the Terms of Use are taken very seriously. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube."

Let's do a little more in depth look at yesterday's featured video, transcript below the screencap.
On a scale of 1 - 10, how serious do you think Google/YouTube takes this video? 
I definitely think it includes predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, inciting others.
And yet, it seems to have failed Google/YouTube's "serious" meter.

"and take my word mr president
when the inevitable moment comes
when everything totally collapses
you will not find us to talk to us
we will simply ask people we trust to talk to you
and about technical matters only
but take my word, there will be no negotiations
because, there's nothing to negotiate about
for us it's straight and simple
we are fighting for our religion and our soil
and with the will of allah
we will fight you while you are attacking
we will fight you while you are retreating
and we will fight you while you are evacuating your last soldier
and then, and only then, we will consider that the religion is protected
and the soil is liberated
and then, and only then, for us it would be, mission accomplished"

Un: dhimmi - GoogleYouTube Hall of Shame Week 2
YouTube Hall of Shame
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10
Show me the $$$$$

December 11, 2010

Playing Russian Roulette @ Google/YouTube - PART II



Is there any other company in America that could get away with this?

OH! And speaking of Russian Roulette - HT FlippinTheRaya - seems JihadPrincezz pulled one chamber  too  many.  Darn that's sad.  NOT!

December 10, 2010

Playing Russian Roulette @ Google/YouTube

Add another attempt this week to kill Americans by a youth influenced by terrorist videos.  While Google/YouTube plays whack-a-mole, removing a video here, a user there, we feel the game being played with our lives as more Russian Roulette. 

Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain, "publicly posted a message stating that he hates any person who opposes Allah and his prophet.

Much like this hirabist YouTube trash?
"I belong to the "Paradise of the world and graveyard of kuffars"
I am a Mujahid and i am proud of it!
I have a strong desire to do something very special for Islam...!!!"

Do somefacking thing about it Google/YouTube!

December 08, 2010

Google/YouTube In Bed With The Taliban

There really is little to say about this.  Terrorists KNOW they have free reign at Google/YouTube.
YouTube Taliban, YouTube Mujahideen, YouTube as Sahab, YouTube yemeni, YouTube Afghan jihad,
YouTube Taliban and Mujahideen, YouTube Taliban Mujahideen, YouTube wana blast, YouTube Khost blast
Take it down Google/YouTube - show us your interested in something more than the $$$$$.

December 03, 2010

No Rusty - There Is No Santa Claus @ Google/YouTube

I have a little friend who expresses a foul mood in a most creative way via her friend crabeeeeee who goes skittering around all over the place click click clicking her claws, and if you listen closely you hear "grumble grumble grumble grumble."

She so perfectly expresses my feelings about Google's YouTube terrorist videos that are supposedly being removed. Well, maybe it's only Awlaki videos to be removed. But it just AIN'T happenin Rusty, there is NO Santa at JihadTube!

The articles that burned thru the media/internet lauding Google's intent to take down this trash when our very good allies the British complained, were plain ol laughable.  The line that fried my butt every single time - "A simple search on Awlaki's name by the Guardian turned up a number of videos on the site."  A number???!!!  Try 5,690 just today!

Do your damn homework media before you mouth off with such total ignorance please!
And while your at it, you might try a "simple search" for mujahideen (11,400 today) or how about taliban (117,000 today) - you won't come up empty handed!

For anyone to get the idea Google/YouTube is turning away business/terrorist videos, that is just a joke!

December 02, 2010

Tired/Worn/Dropped Several Years Ago by Google/YouTube

Their slogan for years was - DON'T BE EVIL!
I think we should lend them a hand with a new one - what say you?
I'll start - but I'll admit to it being a tad boring -

You Can COUNT On Us! We Will Never Change!

Case in point - a fresh new execution video! Click HERE to view!