January 11, 2011

Violent Rhetoric on YouTube (updated again) (updated)

UPDATE II: Hmmmm.  Perhaps someone at YouTube is paying attention. Added video is down. Maybe I should embed a playlist.  LOL...
(original post continues below)

Here is a whole playlist (19 vids) of previously flagged violent islamist rhetoric on YouTube.

UPDATE: Credit where credits due, YouTube took down this violent islamist rhetoric.  Too bad it took sooo much effort.  The first couple of flags should have been enough. (New video added at bottom)

If we want to show concern for violent rhetoric, let's start with the islamists on YouTube.

Here is a screen capture of some violent islamist rhetoric on YouTube, from a previously flagged video.

Previously flagged, I remind you... That's concerning.

For a real good lesson in violent rhetoric, I'll just point you to it.

Lesson Number One:
If it shows an image of this flag,
it just might be violent islamist rhetoric, YouTube.

That's the islamic state of iraq's flag. Known for actually inspiring people to murder others.

Update: Since the last video went down, here is another previously flagged video.  A veritable who's who of violent islamist rhetoric.

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