February 28, 2011

Anjem Choudary Not For America - except @ Google/Youtube

Update 8:20pm - I stand corrected, somewhat, I think, or possibly.  Sources say he will attend, other sources say it ain't gonna happen.  What all seem to feel very sure of is that the event WILL take place with or without AC, and, most likely his sharia message will grace the air via internet.  Cumbaya moments are not to be expected.  

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Anjem Choudary made the "no fly" list according to Vinnie @ Jawa - therefore we shall not have the pleasure of his company and vile spew this week at the Sharia4America event on Thursday at our nations Capitol.  Too bad.  So sad.

You don't think it might have anything to do with this from WorldNetDaily, do you?
"Obama to face Shariah court?   Cleric says president 'must embrace Islam' or be tried when Muslims take over U.S."

Just sayin.  Over and out.
OH wait!  Just so Google/YouTube doesn't think I'm leaving them out of this post - a "simple" search of JihadTube results in "about" 2,930 mentions of Choudary.

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