February 26, 2011

Collateral Damage - That's You And Me Folks - Compliments Of Google's JihadTube

From Un:dhimmi - "A law student dubbed the ‘YouTube terrorist’ who posted Islamic propaganda on the internet after becoming radicalized was jailed for five years today."
That bit of news did this heart a world of good. To the UK Judge, David Paget, and Scotland Yard - Bravo! A job so well done!

And then there is Google/YouTube (facilitator extraordinaire to the number of wannbe jihadists that grows daily) which continues their epic FAILURE of America and our allies by allowing terrorists the perfect jihad venue. The screencap below from one of thousands of videos on YT is an example.

A quote from Eric Schmidt/Google retiring CEO comes to mind - "Google policy is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it"

HEY! YOU! SCHMIDT! I think you crossed the line a long time ago!!!

You will never be able to reclaim your old motto "Don't Be Evil" as that very thing - evil - permeates everything you do. Rest assured however, Allah will have your seven virgins awaiting at completion of your jihad.

This post brought to you in proud association with Un:dhimmi, Axel Sander, and the fine work of Judge David Paget and Scotland Yard - British allies and friends all.


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