February 21, 2011

FBI years behind bloggers connecting dots between Google/YouTube and Terrorism

The only thing useful about this article is the acknowledgement - for the umpteenth time - that terrorists use YouTube (and Facebook) for communication and recruiting. After that it is just laughable.

Mr. Grever (FBI) - We have detected the use of social networking and multimedia websites by terrorists and have confirmed that they are using those forums for recruiting, communications, and the distribution of propaganda

Bloggers have been writing and documenting proof of that very thing for years now and the only definitive statement made thru-out the article (aside from acknowledging terrorist use social networking sites) is at the very end.

Kessler - "The bad news is that terror attacks, while less ambitious, are being launched more frequently. As noted in my story FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack, eventually they will be successful."

Grever (FBI) - says it is hamstrung by - "The emergence of these types of sites poses significant challenges for the U.S. intelligence community and law enforcement, owing principally to the constant technological evolution of the world’s communications networks,”
While they are willing to help to a degree (editors note - WTF!) and want to comply with federal court orders, “Many of these companies can provide only partial coverage if at all, as their networks and offerings are ever evolving and always changing"

Google/YouTube confirms this saying - "it is very hard algorithmically to monitor inappropriate content." 

Both just standing around arguing for their limitations!!!  That equates to a lose-lose situation for America and the free world, and a win-win situation for radical Islam including but not limited to OBL and crew.  How many more years, and how many more Pentagon funded reports will it be before some action is actually taken?

Mr. Kessler advises there is "good news" in all of this. No "spectacular" new attacks! And we are to be comforted by that until when exactly? Still, OBL and his ilk in utilizing American companies to franchise out their terror campaign have highlighted real beneficiaries - advertisers and their hosting companies.

There are three things that could put a stop to this bullshit. The first would be Google/YouTube developing a conscience, or at the very least grow some respect for the laws of the countries they operate in. Based on long-term observation, I don't believe that will ever happen. The second is to hold these "companies" responsible (there are LAWS!) for their participation in assisting terrorists. That too looks like a very long shot. The third, Mr. Kessler's prediction - WMD attack.

In the meantime, dedicated counter-jihad sites will keep on exposing this travesty (for all the good it does) while posing the question every single day that no one else seems to be doing - WTF would Jack Bauer do?



Anonymous said...

Alone the fact that the CIA still warns of Jihadists shows how backwardish they are. They are just a bunch of weirdos who once hit lucky. The real dangers are elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

its funny how the f.b.i.took about 10 minutes to declare the american indian movement a terrorist org. in 1975