March 31, 2011

Awwww Google/JihadTube - Smoke & Mirrors - Shoulda Known


With reference to your new search engine - what's to be said except, how disappointing, but not.....at.....all.....surprising.
Your closet has been lonesome for you these past twenty-four hours.
Back ya go - you know - to the one with the door marked -



March 30, 2011

Google/YouTube actually removing (some) terrorist videos themselves... So far so good...

There is a possibility that Google/YouTube has begun removing (or hiding) large numbers of jihadi videos. Specifically those of the Taliban.
The tracking we have done on a near daily basis involves "simple searches" of the words Awlaki, Mujahideen and Taliban.
To date there has been no movement on removal of Awlaki and Mujahideen videos, but four months evidence (screenshots taken) points to G/YT working on Taliban as a first step.

When we say removing videos keep in mind it is possible they are just hiding them from simple search results. That is OK news in one way. The average person (or MSM reporter) is still going to see results in the thousands, but viewing such a list now brings up just about anyone who has posted any video with the word Taliban in the text, or cartoons, opinion pieces, news pieces, comedy, musicians and even games. One has to go quite deep, page by page, to find actual videos uploaded by terrorist organizations or sympathizers.

Our guess is that G/YT is using an algorithm program similar to the one they introduced in February that was designed to weaken the search-ability of what is called content farming websites. Read here. That particular algorithm program does not delete searches, it just reroutes them to a less prominent position making them harder to find which we believe is what they have done with Taliban videos.

An example - February 9th is a study all by itself - thousands of videos were flying in and out all day long. These are screenshots all from that date:

3:15am - 106k
7:00am - 132k
2:41pm - 132k
7:30pm - 130k
10:00pm - 129k
10:35pm - 132k

Want more proof? This screenshot taken at 10:00pm showed for the day that there had been a total of 318 "new" Taliban videos uploaded on 02-09.
10:00pm - 318 videos
You can do the math.

We certainly are not saying Taliban videos are no longer on YouTube. If one knows of a user who posts these videos it is simply a matter of pulling them up to start the journey and one can find plenty of additional "similar" videos in related searches.

Because it is critical that G/YT take full responsibility for cleaning up their own mess, it is important that there be no question in anyone's mind that it is G/YT taking this step, please refer to 02-09 example. Lets give them kudos for starting this process but we must not let up till they have as many terrorist videos removed as possible. All the whining excuses they have given to date as to why they can't rid their otherwise fantastic site of terrorism no longer holds water. There is no, as in zero, possibility that the Taliban have taken their videos to other hosts. There is no, as in zero, possibility that flagging alone has produced these results though our partners and others are flagging their hearts out.

Google/YT has a long way to go, but it is a start.

Screenshots - Four month recap:

12-03-10 - 117k
 12-29-10 - 6.47k
 01-08-11 - 124k
 01-29-11 - 127k
 02-04-11 - 59.7k
 02-28-22 - 138k
 03-01-11 - 134k
 03-17-11 - 45.9k
From 03-17 thru today - Taliban search results have stayed in the 40k range - that's progress! 
03-30-11 - 41.4k


"don't be evil" right? - just sayin


March 27, 2011

The "obstacle to peace" that is Google/YouTube - facilitating jihad

His Highness speaks - "To our brothers in Palestine, we say to them, the blood of your children is the blood of our children, and your blood is our blood. So blood for blood and destruction for destruction.  And we take Allah the Almighty as our witness that we will not let you down."

Mujahideen Across The Muslim Ummah - Global Jihad for the Sake of Allah

Screencaps from the video complete with the badder than bad mujahidirt - guns, horses, flags

Tell us G/YT - who/what is the real Obstacle For Peace?

"don't be evil" motto fitting better every day

March 25, 2011

jihad nasheed? I'm Sure it's the Peaceful Kind...

Here we have a video titled jihad nasheed. It has an image of the battle flag of islam. Underneath the "jihad nasheed", you can here gun fire and the sounds of battle. It was posted by misswow1000, who has lost at least one video for supporting terrorism.

Nah, this isn't a terrorist supporting video. No way. YouTube agrees. Though it has been brought to YouTube's attention, it remains.

March 24, 2011

Another Star In The Sky Tonight


Rest in peace sister.
You will be so, so, so, so missed.

Ladies - get your mammograms done!

March 23, 2011

Terrorism 101: Recess (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Well darn, someone didn't like malik1980iraqi's message. Dirty kuffar...

You've worked so hard these last few days, let's take a break. As we head out to the playground, here are a few special messages brought to you by malik1980iraqi and his jihad enablers at YouTube, Google.

"don't be evil" right? - just sayin

March 21, 2011

Terrorism 101: Day 3 - Propaganda & Brainwashing @ Google /YT Jihad University

Good morning students of jihad. Let's begin class, shall we?

Despite the negative connotation of the word terrorist in America as elsewhere, those who can make claim to the moniker should stand proud!

The goal of radical Islam is to reestablish the Khilafah. Your jadeed is to erode the confidence in others that they have no chance of counteracting your work. The internet and this University in particular provide ample tools for accomplishing this goal. Acts of violence are very often used, here in class, you will learn to use videos of propaganda (another word oft misunderstood) in essence to brainwash the masses.
"Brainwashing is a multistage process whose ultimate goal is the destruction of an individual or a society's existing identity and its replacement with a new identity." SultanKnish

We will watch two short videos today. Your assignment until the next class on Wednesday is to view videos pertaining to the Khilafah, as you can see, they are plentiful, and then - distribute them far and wide.

Islam will dominate the world! With you or without you


:-)   (-:

March 18, 2011

Terrorism 101: day 2 - Study Materials @ Google/YT Jihad University

Students - good morning and welcome back! On-line schooling is a very exciting medium for budding jihadists in this day and age. Learning in the privacy of your own home is relaxing as well as safe from the prying eyes of those who might disagree with your choice in career. Your assignment for the weekend is to learn to navigate YouTube to find information on any aspect of terrorism you wish to pursue.

Research starts here with Videos! * * * Videos! Videos! Videos!
 Spend as much time daily viewing what YouTube provides for you in order to get the most knowledge and benefit from this class and whatever you do, don't overlook the very motivational Nasheed's.

You can see from the number of video's available in just these four categories that we searched, there are thousands of hours of teachable moments just waiting for your fertile minds to absorb!

A slight problem here, I'm embarassed, oh dear, dear, my apologies.  It seems we are working on our algorithms, or something, again, and, em, well, we have lost about 100,000 of the most prized taliban videos in the last few days! 
But fear not! They weren't flagged. No kafir could take down that many videos in a year! The insert/photo below, taken just a couple of days ago shows you our normal "inventory" of taliban videos.  Per management, the IT Department (darn their timing) will return all 100,000+ videos soon!

One last item now.  This falls into the category of Know Your Enemy!  Kafir trash for sure but necessary reading.
  As you might guess - written by a dirty kafir (DMartyr) @ Jawa.
Class is dismissed and will resume Monday.

psssst - and remember our slogan - "don't be evil"