March 12, 2011

"The Bell Never Tolls...." without tolling for you and me.

A day after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, my mind, from thousands of miles away, continually focus' on Japan, seeking to find that they will survive.

And then, another tragedy thousands of miles from where I sit.
undhimmi - Palestinian Massacres Family of Five in Their Beds (including Baby)
An update by Stable Hand who wrote that the Israeli family has been identified.
The Father, Udi, 36, - Mother Ruth, 35, - and children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, 3 months.  Surviving children, Tamar, 12, - Roi, 8, - Shai, 2 - with their grandparents.

Instant reaction - I know who they are! They are you and me!

"The fully human person is in deep and meaningful contact
with the world outside of him.
He not only listens to himself, but to the voices of his world. 
The breadth of his own individual experience is infinitely   multiplied through a sensitive empathy with others.
He suffers with the suffering, rejoices with the joyful.
He is born again in every Springtime, feels the impact of the   great mysteries of life: birth, growth, love, suffering, death.
His heart skips along with the "young lovers," and he knows   something of the exhilaration that is in them.
He also knows the ghetto's philosophy of despair, the loneliness   of suffering without relief, and the bell never tolls without tolling in some strange way for him."
John Powell, 1999

Dear Lord - bless your people wherever they are.

Sister Sharon - we will love you forever.


Howie said...

Its crazy!

Indeed prayers.....

For everyone around the world.

I'm so lucky....

Andrea said...

I know Howie. Me too.