March 02, 2011

Brits - Nailed It - Again - On Google/YouTubes WOT Against The Free World

What I'd like to know is where is everybody else!

02-28-11 UKGuardian - YouTube urged to delete radical cleric's sermons
03-01-11 Un:dhimmi - UK Politicians Press Google/YouTube to Remove Al-Awlaki Videos AGAIN

In November the UKGuardian made the same request.
11-02-10 Anwar al-Awlaki videos available on YouTube
11-03-10 Britain urges US to clamp down on websites hosting al-Qaida videos

The NYTimes, LATimes, a host of other MSM and bloggers printed and reprinted the November story.  The Google spokesperson promised to try (exculpation noted/sarc).

In December we began tracking Awlaki videos:
"The articles that burned thru the media/internet lauding Google's intent to take down this trash when our very good allies the British complained, were plain ol laughable. The line that fried my butt every single time - "A simple search on Awlaki's name by the Guardian turned up a number of videos on the site." A number???!!! Try 5,690 just today!"

Below - using the same search criteria as in December - are the results as of today.
Same ol story - when the heat is off @ Google/YouTube - it's back to business as usual.

oh, yeah - it's "don't be evil" right?

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