March 04, 2011

Frankfurt Deaths of Two US Airman - No Surprise - Inspired by Google/YouTube

The Frankfurt gunman who killed two soldiers and wounded two others in Frankfurt said he was inspired by YouTube videos. 
And we are shocked?  

No actually.  Not a bit. 

H/T Un:dhimmi -
"In an interview yesterday, police say Uka admitted to the shootings but says he was spurred into acting on his own after he watched YouTube video footage of US soldiers raping Muslim women."

Per - Un:dhimmi & TRoP The video was denounced as a fake, and we understand, turned out to be a pornographic production. Clearly the reporter involved failed to carry out any fact checking on Uka's claim.
Lives are ultimately being lost beause Islamist Taqiyya and propaganda is going unchallenged.
QTR - AND!!! because this BS is on YouTube to begin with!

TheReligionOfPeace -
Rape and Rumor - Exploring Allegations that American Soldiers are Raping iraqi Women.

Enough said.  For the moment.

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