March 03, 2011

Google's Tacit Approval of Suicide Bombing (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Good job YouTube, video removed.  Here is a YouTube search for "shaheed" in arabic script.  16,300 results.  Please help, we can't make that many blog posts.

Here we have a video that has been flagged a number of times.  The video celebrates several "shaheeds" or martyrs.  It is full of images of men running around in masks holding AK-47s and  firing heavy weapons, several images of dead "shaheeds", children holding weapons and training for jihad, your standard issue YouTube jihadi "nasheed" stuff.

What makes this video so special? At around the 2:00 mark, we see a guy getting a suicide vest put on.  the scene then cuts to a building with a red arrow pointing beside it.  A few seconds latter, an explosion occurs.  The video shows the explosion three more times to glorify the "shaheed".

Now, let's get back to the tacit approval bit.  YouTube claims that it reviews every flagged video.  Really?  Well, someone reviewed this video then, and said suicide bombing was okay.

Shaheed Mullah Dadullah.3gp by alnasrat1

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