March 30, 2011

Google/YouTube actually removing (some) terrorist videos themselves... So far so good...

There is a possibility that Google/YouTube has begun removing (or hiding) large numbers of jihadi videos. Specifically those of the Taliban.
The tracking we have done on a near daily basis involves "simple searches" of the words Awlaki, Mujahideen and Taliban.
To date there has been no movement on removal of Awlaki and Mujahideen videos, but four months evidence (screenshots taken) points to G/YT working on Taliban as a first step.

When we say removing videos keep in mind it is possible they are just hiding them from simple search results. That is OK news in one way. The average person (or MSM reporter) is still going to see results in the thousands, but viewing such a list now brings up just about anyone who has posted any video with the word Taliban in the text, or cartoons, opinion pieces, news pieces, comedy, musicians and even games. One has to go quite deep, page by page, to find actual videos uploaded by terrorist organizations or sympathizers.

Our guess is that G/YT is using an algorithm program similar to the one they introduced in February that was designed to weaken the search-ability of what is called content farming websites. Read here. That particular algorithm program does not delete searches, it just reroutes them to a less prominent position making them harder to find which we believe is what they have done with Taliban videos.

An example - February 9th is a study all by itself - thousands of videos were flying in and out all day long. These are screenshots all from that date:

3:15am - 106k
7:00am - 132k
2:41pm - 132k
7:30pm - 130k
10:00pm - 129k
10:35pm - 132k

Want more proof? This screenshot taken at 10:00pm showed for the day that there had been a total of 318 "new" Taliban videos uploaded on 02-09.
10:00pm - 318 videos
You can do the math.

We certainly are not saying Taliban videos are no longer on YouTube. If one knows of a user who posts these videos it is simply a matter of pulling them up to start the journey and one can find plenty of additional "similar" videos in related searches.

Because it is critical that G/YT take full responsibility for cleaning up their own mess, it is important that there be no question in anyone's mind that it is G/YT taking this step, please refer to 02-09 example. Lets give them kudos for starting this process but we must not let up till they have as many terrorist videos removed as possible. All the whining excuses they have given to date as to why they can't rid their otherwise fantastic site of terrorism no longer holds water. There is no, as in zero, possibility that the Taliban have taken their videos to other hosts. There is no, as in zero, possibility that flagging alone has produced these results though our partners and others are flagging their hearts out.

Google/YT has a long way to go, but it is a start.

Screenshots - Four month recap:

12-03-10 - 117k
 12-29-10 - 6.47k
 01-08-11 - 124k
 01-29-11 - 127k
 02-04-11 - 59.7k
 02-28-22 - 138k
 03-01-11 - 134k
 03-17-11 - 45.9k
From 03-17 thru today - Taliban search results have stayed in the 40k range - that's progress! 
03-30-11 - 41.4k


"don't be evil" right? - just sayin


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