March 18, 2011

Terrorism 101: day 2 - Study Materials @ Google/YT Jihad University

Students - good morning and welcome back! On-line schooling is a very exciting medium for budding jihadists in this day and age. Learning in the privacy of your own home is relaxing as well as safe from the prying eyes of those who might disagree with your choice in career. Your assignment for the weekend is to learn to navigate YouTube to find information on any aspect of terrorism you wish to pursue.

Research starts here with Videos! * * * Videos! Videos! Videos!
 Spend as much time daily viewing what YouTube provides for you in order to get the most knowledge and benefit from this class and whatever you do, don't overlook the very motivational Nasheed's.

You can see from the number of video's available in just these four categories that we searched, there are thousands of hours of teachable moments just waiting for your fertile minds to absorb!

A slight problem here, I'm embarassed, oh dear, dear, my apologies.  It seems we are working on our algorithms, or something, again, and, em, well, we have lost about 100,000 of the most prized taliban videos in the last few days! 
But fear not! They weren't flagged. No kafir could take down that many videos in a year! The insert/photo below, taken just a couple of days ago shows you our normal "inventory" of taliban videos.  Per management, the IT Department (darn their timing) will return all 100,000+ videos soon!

One last item now.  This falls into the category of Know Your Enemy!  Kafir trash for sure but necessary reading.
  As you might guess - written by a dirty kafir (DMartyr) @ Jawa.
Class is dismissed and will resume Monday.

psssst - and remember our slogan - "don't be evil"

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