April 05, 2011

Flippintheraya, Terry Jones and the global khalifah

Terry Jones Burns a Koran, Muslims Murder UN Staff (reprinted in full with permission of Flippin)
Our most sincere condolences to the families & friends of those who have lost family members in the madness following the call for protest by a few Imams in Afghanistan.

So you had to go and do it Terry, you burned their koran and precisely the mayhem that most predicted would occur, did occur.  Damn. 
Sadly I am not surprised by you proceeding with the act. The statement, "we have no intention of burning korans in Washington" pretty much gave it away. Denouncing the burning in only one location being the obvious "tell". Still we supported your plans for a less provocative protest in the faint hope that maybe success there would lead you in a different direction. I regret only that the faint hope failed, not that we tried.
Nor am I at all surprised by the deaths and destruction.
We held our breath and watched along with everyone else, fervently wanting to be wrong about the probable mayhem. Just when it was beginning to look like common sense would prevail, our ally in Afghanistan, President Karzai, brought it up again. Talk about someone who should have known better.

After reading hundreds of comments and posts about this topic from around the world and across the political spectrum over the proceeding 60 hours, I am left essentially at the same question that led to the creation of Flippin and one I invested hundreds of hours over many years trying to answer. Having proven to myself, beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is a subset of doctrines within Islam that call for the imposition of sharia law upon the entire planet, that the sharia calls for the end of free thought and belief, and that the sharia also calls for the execution of myself and all those close to me unless we convert to Islam, what is a good little Canuck multiculturalist to do?
It is the same basic question asked here: "Suppose you prove beyond any shadow of doubt that Islam is constitutionally violent, where do you go from there?" 
It is the question that Terry Jones answered with "I'll burn a koran".

Terry Jones is being rather universally vilified. He is being held responsible for causing the deaths of people thousands of miles away, and weeks after the fact.
The blogosphere will thrash the issue of culpability endlessly, from every angle. Sadly more will die, and words like "bigot and racist" will fly in profusion. At the end of the day the question will remain, what can a person say or do? As this plays out, Flippin finds itself standing at the front of a line at the edge of a slippery and dark slope.

Through violence and the threat of more violence, muslims have established a special and unique status for both their prophet and the book they hold sacred. They have repeatedly shown that if anyone on the planet does something that they find offensive, they will murder people. The worlds leaders are lining up to support the special status earned through murder.
Gothcha. Backed up by the ever-present threat of random violence against random non-muslims, Mohammad and the koran are uniquely protected by the now global institution of a part of sharia blasphemy law.

It seems logical that in an information war, to avoid the "collateral damage" of insulting bystanders, being as specific as possible in one's use of both language and symbols is required.
The black flag/banner of Islam (along with the profusion of geographic and sectarian variations) represents people who call themselves muslim, who quote the koran, who are willing to use what ever means necessary or available, or chosen by them, to bring about global khalifah. They are the flags used by people who regularly slaughter other muslims for not being muslim enough. How much more specific can one be than the very symbol/s chosen by the proponents of a specific set of concrete objectives, such as making all religion be made for Allah (and the slaughter needed to attain that).

Now, as Flippin has made a point of going after Islam's flags of war and conquest, we find ourselves asking again, what are we allowed to do? What is next on the protected list? Are the flags and seal used by Mohammed the next to be placed on the special protected through murder list?
Will we here at Flippin be the next flash point? Are we to be globally branded bigots and "racists" (pssst..Islam is NOT a race)? Will we be held responsible for the deaths half a world away of people we never met, murdered by people we don't know?

Is insulting the very symbols/concepts/terminology of the drive to create a world where ALL religion is for Allah (a world with NO Hindu's, NO Buddhists, NO Atheists, NO ideas or belief's but those of Islam with the interesting exception of "people of the book", Jews & Christians who accept second class citizenship would be allowed to "exist") a world called Khalifah - is attacking those symbols now an "irresponsible act of provocation"?

We now live in a world where on matters involving Islam, the laws of the country you live in are no longer as important as the feelings of all muslims globally. We must ensure that we do nothing that might upset some small group of muslims, anywhere on the planet, lest they decide to randomly murder people.
Google has more say in what is permitted video on YouTube than Canadian Law does and Flippin has survived 9 months of being flagged on YouTube, so I infer that we have Google's stamp of permissibility.
However, as in the recent and ongoing examples of riots in Afghanistan, calls by President Karzai to implement sharia blasphemy laws against Terry Jones, taken together with the statements of world leaders on the issue, we seem to have crossed into having a global blasphemy law regarding religious artifacts and personages.

The very existence of Flippin is intended to "editorialize" the flags of Islam as the precise symbols of the exact groups and individuals who are advocating for, and/or killing for, a system of global government & law that would eliminate the freedoms guaranteed to all Canadians, muslims included, by Canada's constitution et al.
Is the right to declare and promote war in the name of Islam, a "protected/sacred" concept?
Is it "hateful & intolerant" to be against a global theocracy based on Islam.

Does anyone know which Afghan government department I must now contact to get permission to speak?

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