April 26, 2011

Terrorism 101: Making a suicide vest @ Google/YouTube

Students of jihad - study this material well in your quest for martyrdom.

"For international jihadism, the Internet is without a doubt the most cost-effective means of recruitment, messaging, and coordination. While providing a glimpse into the lethal realities of jihad, through explicit footage of operations and executions, jihadist cyberspace also reflects the shared dystopian fantasies of its users, through virtual groups and ventures with little or no footprint in the real world. It is, however, the crossover, even if only occasional, from these fantasies to hard reality, in the form of self-indoctrinated youth financing their own travel to seek homicidal martyrdom in a distant land, that represent the primary value of the Internet from the jihadist perspective."
CriticalThreats.org/theater-jihad-cyberspace  h/t flippintheraya

Enter the1black1wolf, gracing the jihad halls of YouTube with impunity since June 28, 2010. A perfect example of internet users with fifty videos that cover violence, propaganda, snipers, executions and - a suicide bomber assembling his own vest.

 Easy assembly starting @ 21:48

THANKS to Google/YouTube!

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