June 19, 2011

The Religion of "Beasts" & Google/YouTube

"Islam is the religion of peace, you know. A normally unnecessary declaration that sounds like introducing yourself as Norman 'Not a Serial Killer' Bates or Michael 'Very Thin' Moore. Most religions let their track record of not recently killing people speak for itself. But when your track record makes Nazis enviously lick their lips, then you have to rebuild a positive brand. Like oil companies who use a sun logo or insurance companies who claim to care, branding yourself as the 'Religion of Peace' would be unconvincing even if they weren't constantly digging up new body parts in your backyard." SultanKnish/Daniel Greenfield

Said very well Mr. Greenfield.  And along that line of thinking, IMHO Google/YouTube has the same problem with credibility that the ROP crowd does.  Their track record (4 years by our count) of giving lip service to new and improved procedures for removing terrorist videos is a crying shame.  It works like this.  A designated Google mouthpiece gets up periodically in front of the cameras (usually some time around 9/11 each year, or when some ROP scum kills person or persons they believe need to be eradicated according to mohammud after viewing some YouTube video h/t undhimmi) and at length rationalizes the limits of their responsibilities putting the onus of the job on the backs of those who flag videos.  After that, we are expected to agree that their hands are tied.

We documented (actually multiple times) earlier in the year that G/YT has the ability to remove specific videos, en mass, but it turned out what they were doing was prepping for uploading a new program.  A program that has, as a matter of fact, much more detailed capabilities for searching videos.  Go figure.  They give us the ability to do better searches but they can't utilize it themselves to have a positive effect on the WOT.  The relinquished company motto of "Don't Be Evil" follows (dare I say haunts) them to this day and will rise again the next time they are directly linked to a terrorist attack and we'll hear an updated but a-b-c version of why they are not evil.

Burned into my brain cells is a quote by now Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, who said at one point - "the company's policy is to go right up to the creepy line, but not cross it."
Terrorist videos definitely cross over the creepy line Mr. Schmidt, as do the background images used by terrorists and terrorist supporters.  We have been remiss in not highlighting background images more often and will do a better job of it in the future, but if you ever want to gauge the malicious or evil intent of a YT video and language is a barrier (nasheeds are a perfect example), look at the user's background image.  Below are a whole lot of examples taken from current YouTube sites.

Perhaps after viewing the below we should take a couple of polls.

These backgrounds are what pass for OK by Google/YouTube.  ENLARGE for full impact.

Google - facilitates and promotes evil?  Yes or no?
The religion of peace, or the religion of beasts?
What say you? 

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Doomed to always exist in the 7th century, they are without remorse, they kill anyone who tries to leave their "religion", they hypocritically break the laws of their book, they stone women for offenses that we simply allow families to work out in the privacy of their personal lives, they destroy the buildings where others try to worship and kill others who do not adhere to Islam (Facsist behavior), religious freedom be damned! All the while they demand "respect" for their religion They pick and choose what they follow in the Koran(violent acts foremost), and they kill each other every day (Sunni vs. Shiite).
The way to get to them is to insult them and make fun of them. They hate that. But then they hate a lot of people and things, especially WESTERN CIVILZATION>

Sincerely, Doug Johnson