July 31, 2011

Terrorphobic Central


Heaven forbid Smackdown be accused of Islamophobia! That such a idea even exists in some minds, well, you see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear.
SultanKnish wrote about Maskophobia, Murderphobia, Bombphobia, Boxcutterphobia, IslamoRapephobia, IslamoPedophobia, Cartoonphobia, StrandedByBigotedIslamoCabbiesphobia, and Kristallnachtphobia! After all that, he left out one I shall proclaim exists right here in River City - and that is Terrorphoebia!
We shant claim an irrational fear of terrorism but clearly we do tend to have a strong aversion to terrorists and terrorism.
Like these - 

And one wonders - is Google/YouTube Islamophobic?

July 27, 2011

Instrument from hell @ Google/YouTube?

Anders Behring Breivik - terrorist - murderer - an instrument from hell. 

So, where do you stand Google/YouTube? Does the same accusation apply? Is it really where you want to be? WHEN do you come down on the side of good, not evil?


- YouTube users -

AqaedaInSomalia (as-sahab)



nsuenv (as-sahab)

jack888777 (as-sahab)


July 22, 2011

Utoya - Oslo

"and the bell never tolls without tolling in some strange way for him."
           John Powell


July 21, 2011

Let's Tea Party - as one - with toots sweet!


Singin it like WE feel it. 
Playin it like he loves it.
Tweetin it like he sees it. 

 Look out 2012 - see us comin?

July 20, 2011

An Open Letter To Google/YouTube - II

Rusty Shackelford @ Jawa posted the following -
Google Still Supporting Terrorism: What YouTube MUST Do About It.
An absolute must read!

As expected - Google had to give some lip service to Joe Lieberman here recently as the anniversary of 9/11 gets nearer.  They actually held a forum. h/t AlixLevin.com

And so there was the question - "Does YouTube proactively scan its site for terrorist content? If so, how many videos are taken down on a monthly basis (on average over the last twelve months) as a result?" 

Answer - "Video is uploaded at YouTube at the rate of 35 hours per minute. Because of the massive scale of the platform, it is not possible to pre-screen content."

Either they were lying thru their teeth or - well - they were just lying thru their teeth.  Since 2007 Google has had a program that pre-screens content of every uploaded video and then removes them without human intervention.  It is called YouTube Content ID and is used to auto detect videos for copywrite enfringements.

Google lies - People die .... 

July 17, 2011

An Open Letter To Google/YouTube

SmackdownCorps received a message from a close CJ source on Friday, with reference to Google's progress on taking down terrorist videos.  It seems there are no such plans - without you and me.  "My understanding is that most of the delays in taking down flagged videos now has to do with their automated process. They're having a hard time programming it for Arabic. So flags on videos that have certain keywords in English should be coming down quickly, while in foreign languages not so much. They still are relying on us, though, to flag videos. That is, they won't be proactively searching for terror videos, but responding to our flags."

Alrighty then Google! Consider your talking points memo as having been delivered and lets see if we have this right.

  • A program capable of removing terrorist videos identified by Arabic keywords is in the works, but still buggy.
  • You now have a search program using English keywords capable of finding terrorist videos.
  • You will NOT be searching for them yourselves.
  • You will respond if we bring them to your attention.

This - is - ludicrous!

We can confirm you are still sitting on your irresponsible backside just based on this playlist alone. Were you to apply what you have already developed, this list would be one third the size as the video titles contain many of the words I am sure you have in your now completed software. THESE words - al quds, awlaki, crusader, disbelievers, hezbollah, intifada, jihad, jihadi, jihaad, juba, kuffar, martyrdom, mujahideen, mujahid, osama, sharia, shariah, sniper, taliban.

There are thousands, upon thousands, of terrorist videos on YouTube. Victoria Grand (YT policy director) stated 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and you want the world to believe that a few dedicated and pissed off groups working consistently on flagging videos could make a dint in those numbers?  We will not allow you to stand before the world and claim you've done everything you can. On behalf of SDC let me restate our position taken last October - after four years, we no longer choose to be pawns in your terrorist promoting scheme.

So why the necessity, nay urgency, to get your progress, and our marching orders, out here now?

9/11/11 is just around the corner. Are you concerned about bad publicity?  Or maybe your concerned a more close scrutiny of your support of terrorists may be barreling down like a freight train at this very moment?
If you are looking for us to have your back (???like you have our military's back???) when the shit hits the fan, don't bother coming here.  We'll keep on posting users you might want to consider taking down, a drop in the bucket, but YOU messed your bed - YOU change the damn sheets!

Google lies, People die.....

The Religion of Peace - YouTube Channels








July 12, 2011

What ya gonna do when they come for you?


You (and I) are going to get on your (my) knees and pray that our military is still out there ready and willing to defend - with life and limb - this corner of the world.

The same thing they have been doing 365 for years. And they do - pay for it with life and limb.
It's our time to stop talking ("support our military") and do something beside just mouth words!

Project Valour-It needs funds to buy voice activated laptops for our wounded warriors and it's pay back time boys and girls.

The campaign to raise funds ends this Friday and as of this writing less than 30% of the dollars needed have been raised.

P L E A S E   -   P L E A S E

learn more
Preferably here via TeamARMY!  And rest assured all money raised goes to all branches - we're just having a little friendly competition here.

July 10, 2011

While You And I Sleep Peacefully At Night


There are those who don't.

Because -
 there are those who don't.

* * Folks - Project Valour-IT needs your help * *

learn more

July 06, 2011

Project Valour-IT, Our Heroes, & Josh Groban

Josh Groban performed at this year's "A Capitol Fourth" concert.  One song, "The War At Home," he had written for the men and women of the military who have come home wounded.  It is about the personal battles waged here at home on the road to healing, "and to continue the rest of their lives."

I don't have his permission to post this video or the lyrics, but I think he might not mind.
Please support Project Valour-IT.  You will make a difference in someone's life.

Fallen brother he’s a fallen husband
He’s about to be woken in his hospital bed
He doesn’t wanna rest
He just wants to run
And he’s tired of being told that he’s the lucky one
And he says

You see these hands they’re bruised and brown
They’re yours alone
Hold on now we’re still going down
Hold on now we’re still fighting at home
The war at home

Innocence behind his broken expression
He’s a child of mercy he’s our unlearned lesson
And he’s trying to wake up
From this wilderness his world has now become
He’s reaching out to those he’s running from

And he says

You see these hands they’re bruised and brown
They’re yours alone
Hold on now we’re still going down
Hold on now we’re still fighting at home
(one step forward and two steps back)
This is all who are marching

(one step forward two steps back)
This is young and old
(one step forward two steps back)
Through the void of the silence
You are not alone

You see these hands
They're million strong
They are yours now
Hold on now we’re all going down
Hold on now we're all fighting at home
The war at home.

In the comments section - this note -

"Verse he couldn't include because of time limit:"

"Caped crusader - she's a newborn leader
But you should see her when her daughter's on the phone
And she wipes the tears away
and she laces up because there's still hell to pay
And it sure feels like hell today... and she says............"
(Can't forget our women fighters).

July 04, 2011

there is no land of the free -


Without those willing to pay the price of freedom.

We have been in the debt of our military for 235 years, and one way for you and me to pay back those warriors is -

Project Valour-It - learn more 

PLEASE - whatever you can
learn more

NOW - if you be so inclined as to want to donate to Team Army you can click here to do so! See, there is this little competition going between the four branches - and one of the others is kickin our butt right now, kinda, well, only sorta. Rest assured all money raised goes into one place - but Team Army wouldn't mind out raising the other three!
AND - if you want to be part of Team Army - volunteers sign up here!

"So with that I say thank you, to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, for preserving my right to live a diverse life and for paying the ultimate price for me to be, free."

July 02, 2011

Please support Project Valour-IT


What is it? A project that Soldier's Angels helped start in 2005. To wounded soldiers they provide laptops with special software that allows one to control their computer using only their voice. Can you imagine???
Why Support it?

Because input and feedback, connection with family and friends and buddies, knowledge, the world around us - these things are important to every human on this earth and when one's ability to do these things is taken away - hope for a future looks pretty bleak.
Because while you and I sleep peacefully in our beds at night, the sheepdogs of this world watch our backs.
Because while we go about our daily lives, our military is out there dodging bullets and those facking land mines meant for us!
Soldiers set aside their other dreams and ambitions and for a time period make everything they do all about us....and Lady Liberty.
Many, way too many pay the ultimate sacrifice (for us) with their lives. Many more (for us) are seriously wounded.
We can pay it forward folks.
If you don't have a pot to piss in, and unfortunately a lot of people are in that situation today, there is still a way for you to help.
If by some means you are in front of a computer (and ya have to be if your reading this) then just forward this to as many people as possible and/or join one of the teams - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines - and help raise money.
That would be a tremendous help!
If you can donate, please do what you can at Team Army - here.  Or, at one of the other military teams here!
THANK YOU and God bless America, our soldiers and our allies.


Lady Liberty "Thats My Girl"


TerrorPhobic Central.5 - LoonWatch Hearts **All** of Islam

Social media networks have come of age in the long war.  All are being exploited heavily by terrorists and their supporters, not just Smackdown's main target - YouTube.

On the front lines of tweet space FlippinTheRaya is taking exception with LoonWatcher who seems to believe there can be no criticism allowed of Islam. Ever!

Thanks Flippin!
I can think of several who will appreciate this.