September 10, 2011

9/11's Around The World @ Google/YouTube


Two mind sets. Neither will ever forget 9/11/01. 
One mourns.  One celebrates. 
And the hate continues unabated at YouTube.

This video, a year old is just one example.  Have no doubt the song is not of mourning.

This video 17 months up, glorifies India's "911" - the Mumbai terror attack.

Both are uploaded by a supporter of the terrorist organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba.   And then LoonWatchers, another supporter of jihad, defends these videos as "pure political speech."  To a LoonWatcher ONLY pro islam speech is "free."

Howie's post at Jawa is well worth the read with regard to the transition of internet use by terrorists from 2001 to today.  Unfortunately, YouTube continues to be the go-to place for all good little terrorists.

All artwork compliments of FlippinTheRaya
The pictures at top and bottom of this post (now altered) are screenshots from the two videos

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