July 20, 2011

An Open Letter To Google/YouTube - II

Rusty Shackelford @ Jawa posted the following -
Google Still Supporting Terrorism: What YouTube MUST Do About It.
An absolute must read!

As expected - Google had to give some lip service to Joe Lieberman here recently as the anniversary of 9/11 gets nearer.  They actually held a forum. h/t AlixLevin.com

And so there was the question - "Does YouTube proactively scan its site for terrorist content? If so, how many videos are taken down on a monthly basis (on average over the last twelve months) as a result?" 

Answer - "Video is uploaded at YouTube at the rate of 35 hours per minute. Because of the massive scale of the platform, it is not possible to pre-screen content."

Either they were lying thru their teeth or - well - they were just lying thru their teeth.  Since 2007 Google has had a program that pre-screens content of every uploaded video and then removes them without human intervention.  It is called YouTube Content ID and is used to auto detect videos for copywrite enfringements.

Google lies - People die .... 

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