July 17, 2011

An Open Letter To Google/YouTube

SmackdownCorps received a message from a close CJ source on Friday, with reference to Google's progress on taking down terrorist videos.  It seems there are no such plans - without you and me.  "My understanding is that most of the delays in taking down flagged videos now has to do with their automated process. They're having a hard time programming it for Arabic. So flags on videos that have certain keywords in English should be coming down quickly, while in foreign languages not so much. They still are relying on us, though, to flag videos. That is, they won't be proactively searching for terror videos, but responding to our flags."

Alrighty then Google! Consider your talking points memo as having been delivered and lets see if we have this right.

  • A program capable of removing terrorist videos identified by Arabic keywords is in the works, but still buggy.
  • You now have a search program using English keywords capable of finding terrorist videos.
  • You will NOT be searching for them yourselves.
  • You will respond if we bring them to your attention.

This - is - ludicrous!

We can confirm you are still sitting on your irresponsible backside just based on this playlist alone. Were you to apply what you have already developed, this list would be one third the size as the video titles contain many of the words I am sure you have in your now completed software. THESE words - al quds, awlaki, crusader, disbelievers, hezbollah, intifada, jihad, jihadi, jihaad, juba, kuffar, martyrdom, mujahideen, mujahid, osama, sharia, shariah, sniper, taliban.

There are thousands, upon thousands, of terrorist videos on YouTube. Victoria Grand (YT policy director) stated 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and you want the world to believe that a few dedicated and pissed off groups working consistently on flagging videos could make a dint in those numbers?  We will not allow you to stand before the world and claim you've done everything you can. On behalf of SDC let me restate our position taken last October - after four years, we no longer choose to be pawns in your terrorist promoting scheme.

So why the necessity, nay urgency, to get your progress, and our marching orders, out here now?

9/11/11 is just around the corner. Are you concerned about bad publicity?  Or maybe your concerned a more close scrutiny of your support of terrorists may be barreling down like a freight train at this very moment?
If you are looking for us to have your back (???like you have our military's back???) when the shit hits the fan, don't bother coming here.  We'll keep on posting users you might want to consider taking down, a drop in the bucket, but YOU messed your bed - YOU change the damn sheets!

Google lies, People die.....


Anonymous said...

The response from Google is a bunch of malarkey. The idea in 2011 that an Arabic translation for audio/video is not yet functional is whooey.
It may be that radical Muslims are paying Google under the table to keep their stuff on the FREE video sharing site.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just use "Google Translate"? Says right there in the first link that "Google-Search" provided, that it can do Arabic...
They lie. People die. But the executive staff gets to play with the president.


Andrea said...

@ Patvann - They probably are using Google Translate but they are never going to admit it - that would mean they could have produced a search program several years ago.
"They lie, People die" - thank you - I have now relabeled their old motto - see post.
And as far as ex staff getting to play with the prez - you nailed that one too!

Andrea said...

@ Anonymous #1 - you could be right - how many times have we said - follow the $. After that I think - insurance? And after that I just think - they have no morals. None. Zero. Zilch.

Anonymous said...

Amen Andrea! Amen.