July 02, 2011

Please support Project Valour-IT


What is it? A project that Soldier's Angels helped start in 2005. To wounded soldiers they provide laptops with special software that allows one to control their computer using only their voice. Can you imagine???
Why Support it?

Because input and feedback, connection with family and friends and buddies, knowledge, the world around us - these things are important to every human on this earth and when one's ability to do these things is taken away - hope for a future looks pretty bleak.
Because while you and I sleep peacefully in our beds at night, the sheepdogs of this world watch our backs.
Because while we go about our daily lives, our military is out there dodging bullets and those facking land mines meant for us!
Soldiers set aside their other dreams and ambitions and for a time period make everything they do all about us....and Lady Liberty.
Many, way too many pay the ultimate sacrifice (for us) with their lives. Many more (for us) are seriously wounded.
We can pay it forward folks.
If you don't have a pot to piss in, and unfortunately a lot of people are in that situation today, there is still a way for you to help.
If by some means you are in front of a computer (and ya have to be if your reading this) then just forward this to as many people as possible and/or join one of the teams - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines - and help raise money.
That would be a tremendous help!
If you can donate, please do what you can at Team Army - here.  Or, at one of the other military teams here!
THANK YOU and God bless America, our soldiers and our allies.


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