July 12, 2011

What ya gonna do when they come for you?


You (and I) are going to get on your (my) knees and pray that our military is still out there ready and willing to defend - with life and limb - this corner of the world.

The same thing they have been doing 365 for years. And they do - pay for it with life and limb.
It's our time to stop talking ("support our military") and do something beside just mouth words!

Project Valour-It needs funds to buy voice activated laptops for our wounded warriors and it's pay back time boys and girls.

The campaign to raise funds ends this Friday and as of this writing less than 30% of the dollars needed have been raised.

P L E A S E   -   P L E A S E

learn more
Preferably here via TeamARMY!  And rest assured all money raised goes to all branches - we're just having a little friendly competition here.

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