August 14, 2011

To Karen Vaughn - Mother of Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn


In an interview, Karen Vaughn said of her son Aaron - "It just feels really strange right now that only in his death can we celebrate who he was in his life, it's a very difficult concept to understand.  But what Aaron would want everyone to know most is that he loved America, he believed America could be great again and he fought for the America he grew up in.....he would have done it all again"

Mrs. Vaughn - though we never knew them, for over two hundred years we have celebrated men like your son - from Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Paine, Henry, Hamilton - to the thousands who have fought for freedom throughout this countries history. Though we have never met them, soldiers like Aaron have been, and are, alive in our prayers every day. Rest assured he will never be forgotten, and that we are grateful for his having lived.

Billy Vaughn, father - "Aaron told me, he said 'Dad...there's three kinds of people in the world - sheepdogs, sheep and wolves'"

Yes, Mr. Vaughn. Yes.  365 they are out there and they've got our backs.

From The Sniper - The list of 30 warrior sheepdogs who died in Afghanistan on August 6th when their CH-47 crashed.

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