September 14, 2011

Coming To A Theater Near You!


YouTube Hall of Shame - Videos For Flagging

!!! Mikey Motley Likes - khorasani11 !!!


PatriotUSA said...

I think you site is incredible. I will be adding you to the blog roll at my site and cross posting some of your posts there. I have subscribed to your site so i can get updates daily. Please check my site out and I am 100% anti islam, counterjihad and a very conservative Constitutional conservative. If you like what you see please add me to your blogroll!
If not, I understand and no hard feelings at all. Thanks for your time.

Thers is NO PEACE with islam, and with islam there can NEVER be peace.

Flippin said...

Welcome :) Flippin followed your blog, though I am FAR more active graphically :) & on Twitter :) than blogging:( Are you on Twitter?
I'd say more if only Lady Raven would allow but a few moments away from the graphics "room". She has provided me another crop of jihadi imagery needing Flippin Graphics "special retouch" :)
Thank You for the kind words & please Be Well.

Andrea said...

PatriotUSA - Huge, HUGE thanks for your comments and right back atcha - your site reflects everything we believe in! I have added you to our blogroll and thank you so much for adding QTR and our logo. We would appreciate it also if you added Flippin's site to your blogroll? Our message is much enhanced with his artwork and his site is very educational with reference to symbolysm in Islam. And, yes, of course, feel free to use our posts any time! Again. Thank you!

PatriotUSA said...

Andrea and Flippin,
I would consider it an honor to add Flippin to PC blogroll and subscribe to that site too.

Just a bit of info; I am a WHITE Middle aged American Conservative, legally gun owning, disabled(not mentally though family and friends might argue on that one)Male who has been branded a most dangerous domestic terrorist by the first illegal alien muslim potus and his stooge and fellow racist and anti-Semite, eric holder. I have been known to have an extremely bad temper and prone to rants against islam, sharia law, mussies, libtarded, weak minded morons who hate the USA, what my country stands for and has done for the world. NO COUNTRY is perfect but where would the world without the USA? I loathe those who embrace political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism. I love Canada and worry about the spread of islam and sharia law there as in my own country. I weep for what England has wrought upon itself through the stupidity of multiculturalism and too much diversity. LONG LIVE THE EDL and a FREE ENGLAND.

I have mad a 'few' enemies along the way so I must be doing something correct. Heh, Heh.

Flippin: As I am a bit older(creeping up on 60)I do not twitter and am not the brightest tool in the shop when it comes to computers and newer technology. I have a cell phone and use it for calls and texts, no data service as we cannot afford it and me and my family are BARELY surviving like so many others. I shot my last cell phone and ran over the one before that so to say I am not fond of the newer gizmos is well, an understatement. Perhaps in the future when our contract on phones comes up for renewal. There are times when I am physically unable to post for a few days due to severe chronic pain 24/7 from too many orthopedic and spinal surgeries. I also have several friends who are battling MS and ALS, Lou Gerhig's disease so if they need assistance, I go help them as best I can.

Bless all of you here and your efforts are appreciated and I will do all I can to ensure complete and total victory over islam for we are at WAR. We are once at at the Gates Of Vienna except this time, on a global scale.

Andrea said...

PatriotUSA - I don't know if you have an em address for PM but if you do, could you please send either to qtradmin@gmail.com
or more specifically, Flippin has some info you may be interested in @ flippintheraya@gmail.com

Andrea said...

PatriotUSA - I have been sitting here for well over an hour reading at your site and your last comment. My mind works in it's own very strange little way and while there is so much I could say re the above - I am stuck for the moment on - "I shot my last cell phone."
And I'm wondering, is that PC?
Would you please shoot mine too?!
Alright, having gotten that out of my system I am picking self off the floor from LMBO and will continue with this day. Thank you!