September 20, 2011

Israel - We Hear You!

Communication via MSM being what it terminally is (lousy), I thought I would post these three tweets in case anyone missed them.  One has addresses which will allow us some pretty up to date goings on.

Breaking: I call upon the Palestinian president to meet with me in New York to resume immediately direct negotiations for peace.  (approximately 3pm EST 9/19)

 Leaving tonight to NYC to speak at the UN. Hope to meet w pres Abbas to relaunch peace talks. Let's hope the Palestinians will be on board.  (approximately 12am EST 9/20)

I won't have a lot of time to tweet during my time in NY. Follow my spokespeople  and , who tweet regularly.  (approximately 12am EST 9/20)

Geeze Flippin!  Everywhere I look these days I see Canucks!

God be with you Mr. Netanyahu


Anonymous said...

The reason you keep seeing Canadians with Israelis is that we Canadians (with the exception of our appalling Islamic over-population) have turned out to be the staunchest allies of Israel's right to exist, the staunchest supporter of Israel's values system (free, vibrant, non-PC democracy) and because unlike the USA and Europe, we are determined not to sleepwalk into the disaster known as Islamic dominance. Maybe you Americans could join us sometime?

Andrea said...

History just keeps repeating doesn't it? American is slowly tearing itself apart, and Canada has it's eye on the ball. Not the first time a little Canuck input has been needed to get us focused! Glad to see you arrive! And "God save us all."

Flippin said...

Well THANK YOU Andrea! :) I wanted to say somethin, and ya beat me ;)
Hello Anonymous Canuck person. Can you believe that Canada is "lead" on all this right now? I just wish Harper had got the word right, still he did actually say what no other Western leader has said.
What drives me bat crap crazy is that in muslim countries everyone openly discusses the "islamists and jihadi, but over here it is a PC speech crime. Islamophobia really means... submit 2 islam, or muslims, or fight for your life.
I have been "fighting" down here with SmackDownCorps for sometime now.
Good folks at the pointy end of the citizen warrior counter jihad on social media. 50,000 plus vids downed to date. And that's but a part of the work being done. They are inspirational evidence that not all is lost in the US.
I guess I'm saying your "preachin to the choir" here friend, and It's nice to see a friendly "face". :)
Thank you for visiting Andrea's labour of love for freedom. I jus pitch in a little when I can.
Be Well, eh :)