September 18, 2011

Targets - At YouTube Hall of Shame

From our YouTube Hall of Shame, hereafter called HoS (careful with that acronym now), we are posting short playlists below of videos for our CJ partners and their followers. Anyone who would like their own playlist for their site - just ask and it shall be yours!

Un:dhimmi - Target - Week 40 terrorists
Jawa - Target - Lashkar e taiba
CreepingSharia - Target - Sharia (that just kind of made sense :-)
MotleyCrew - Target - Well, they would prefer there be NONE
Because they believe terrorist videos to be free speech!
- However - as one of the administrators on this site, I thought I would post a few anyway in the off chance they might see the error of their ways!  FAT CHANCE! -

Please pick your poision and FLAG away!  Thank you!

Want to know how To Flag A Terrorist Video - > > > >


And Flippin is targeting FACILITATORS!

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