September 09, 2012

Escape from Mordor.

It has been a long trek from my own personal Journey to Mt. Doom and back again to the Shire. Just as the Hobbits discovered upon their return, things seem to have have changed. My name is Svinrod and some of you may remember me from earlier times. It has been four long years since I have posted here. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all of the cyber warriors who kept the Smackdown alive and thriving while I have been gone. Where have I been? Nowhere romantic or exciting I can assure you. Just working 60 hour weeks out of state and away from the Missus except for very brief weekend visits, hence no time for blogging. Happily, that part of my life is over and done. We are both back on our mountain of solitude enjoying some hard earned R&R. I was surprised to see that someone had moved the Smackdown site to another location. Well, if they are done using this site, I hope they dont mind if I return occasionally to post some of my own opinions, As it was in the beginning...


"don't be evil" right? - just sayin


Andrea said...

SVIN!!! I moved about a year ago - Google was cancelling blogspot accounts right and left when they refused to give out private information and I figured it was only a matter of time before Smackdown became a target. Didn't take the site down, one, because it is your site, two, because folks still come here and view information. But it - is - SO - DAMN - GOOD/GREAT - to see you here!!! I look forward to your posts!

Dougman said...

All rested up?
Me too.
Let's roll!

Andrea said...

Current residence - http://ladyravensaspirincabinet.wordpress.com/

Svinrod said...

Hey Y'all!

Andrea~I bookmarked the ladyraven site. What is your association with it?

Dougman~I am ready to roll as well. Where shall we start?

Andrea said...

Jezee where to start? Dougman's note threw me - there is hope? I raced over to the Lounge but no one was there.
Now you?!?!?

So an update.

QTR is no more. It is left up because of the material which has no expiration date. Everything we ever wrote from the first days still has value though America still has difficulty believing islam (and fracking Google) is a HUGE part of the train wreck we are now fully engulfed in.

So LR is my site, I am the sole writer and I do a huge amount of reblogging some of the outstanding writers out there. I am still part of the 9-5 crowd so any web work is after hours.

That said - most of my posts go up here first - http://www.hyscience.com/ then LR and on to two other sites. Why Hyscience? HUGE audience compared to anything I have managed to generate at LR so when he asked me to write there it was a no-brainer. But LR is not to be discounted.

Svin - I would LOVE to have a co-writer/author/blogger at LR. Just say the word and in the ten minutes it would take me to set it up it is yours!

You could re-ignite QTR???

I am labeled a conspiracy theorist by the left. Do I give a damn? Not on your life!

Writing is the only thing I know to do. Our time is short as you well know. I'm all ears and every voice is needed!

Back to you two - where shall we start?